Monday, November 10, 2008

What Are Drug Addiction Symptoms?(Drug Addiction Treatment)

Signs and symptoms.(Drug Addiction Treatment)

Effects of drug use on brain

Sometimes the most obvious drug addiction symptoms are simply observing that something is wrong or different.

Understand that the one addicted is most often the last one to know there is a problem, or be willing admit that there may be a problem.

Addicts will say they can handle it, or they can quit anytime. The trouble is the drug has them by the throat like a hound dog shaking a raccoon.

When someone is addicted to drugs, there are few general warning signs that point to the problem:

- Does the person feel like they need to have the drug regularly, every day or more than every day?

- Do they make sure they have a steady supply of their drug on hand?

- Maybe they want to stop, but they just can’t.

- Because they can’t stop, they will do things they normally would not do to get the drugs.

- Do they need the drug to function normally?

- Are they willing to do something dangerous while on the drug, like operating a motor vehicle, or some kind of equipment that can cause bodily harm?

These could be drug addiction symptoms( Drug Addiction Treatment)that you should assess either in yourself or in the person you’re concerned about. Denial is rampant with addition so as you make the assessment try to be as honest and objective as possible. Also try to think about how things have progressed in the last six months. Are there more signs now then there where six months ago?

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Greg Chant said...

Nice post! Awareness of the signs and symptoms of drug addiction is the key to understand it. With adequate understanding of addiction, you can effectively help yourself or a loved on find the right alcoholism and addiction cure.

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It's important for people to be more aware of these symptoms so they can prepare an addiction treatment intervention for their loved one. Thanks for sharing.