Saturday, October 25, 2008

Drug Abuse Prevention (Drug Addiction Treatment)

Addiction is a serious condition affecting more than twenty million Americans. Anyone who has been around a loved one with an addiction problem has seen how it can destroy their job, business, family, health and even their life.

Drug abuse prevention is a tool used to mold healthy, drug-free communities as well as healthy environments which are drug and crime free.

The role of drug abuse prevention in the community is to help parents, educators, community leaders and children to become educated on the dangers of drugs and alcohol so that they do not become addicted to drugs. When drug abuse prevention is weak or non-existent in a community, the number of people addicted to all types or drugs increase as a result.

Prevention programs can be designed to intervene as early as preschool to address risk factors for drug abuse, such as aggressive behavior, poor social skills, and academic difficulties. They can use an approach of family based prevention programs where parents and children confront drug abuse prevention issues as a family.

Drug abuse prevention programs should address all forms of drug abuse, alone or in combination, including the underage use of legal drugs, like tobacco or alcohol, the use of illegal drugs, and the inappropriate use of legally obtained substances such as inhalants, prescription medications and over the counter drugs. Prevention programs should also address the type of drug abuse problem in the local community, target modifiable risk factors, and strengthen identified protective factors.

The most successful drug abuse prevention program will produce drug-free individuals, educated on the harmful effects of legal and illegal drugs.

For more information on how to implement a successful drug abuse prevention program in your community.

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Many drug-using women do not seek treatment because they are afraid, they fear not being able to take care of or to keep their children, they fear reprisal from their spouses or boyfriends, and they fear punishment from authorities in the community. Research indicates that more than 4 million women need treatment for drug abuse.
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